Winterfest 2016 Photobooth

Posted by Amber on Mar 3, 2016

The photos from our photobooth at Winterfest have been uploaded to Facebook!

View them here.

Thank You from Winterfest

Posted by Amber on Feb 29, 2016

Thank you to everyone who came out to Winterfest! The turnout was amazing! We hope you all enjoyed yourselves as much as we did!

We look forward to seeing you all at Ai-Kon on July 15-17th at the RBC Convention Centre!

Winterfest 2016 Schedule

Posted by Amber on Feb 26, 2016

The Winterfest 2016 schedule is out! Click the image to enlarge it. View the black & white printable schedule here

Click the links below for more information:
  • Events
  • Vendors
  • Gamers Lounge
  • Tournaments
  • Dance
  • Maid Café
  • Show Synopses
  • Panel Information
  • Winterfest Raffle

    Posted by Amber on Feb 26, 2016

    Look for the Winterfest Raffle in the Vendor Room! There are over 10 amazing prizes to be won!

    Ticket Prices:
    • $2.00 - 1 Ticket
    • $5.00 – 5 Tickets
    • $10.00 – 13 Tickets
    • $20.00 – 30 Tickets

    Important Times:
    Ticket Sales: 12:00PM – 7:50PM
    Raffle Closes: 8:00PM SHARP
    Winning Tickets Selected & Displayed: 9:00PM
    Prizes Must Be Claimed By: Saturday February 27th Midnight

    Please Note: You MUST be over 18 years of age and present valid ID to claim the “Adults Only Nerdy Edition” raffle basket.

    Super Smash Bros 4 Tournament

    Posted by Amber on Feb 26, 2016

    Super Smash Bros 4 Tournament Info:

    Match Rules: 5 Minutes, 3 Stock, Random Stage (excluding extra large stages), All controllers allowed, controllers will be provided but entrants may bring their own controls.

    Bracket Info:
    • Up to 8 Players per match with Last 2 Standing moving onto the next round, until 16 players remain.
    • 4 Matches of 4 Players for Quarterfinals, with last 2 Players standing advancing to Semifinals.
    • 2 Matches of 4 Players for Semifinals, with last player standing advancing to Finals.
    • Finals will be a 1v1 Best of 3 Match, with loser's choice of stages (First stage is Final Destination, no Extra Large stages).

    NOTE: In event of a tie for 2nd last player standing, we will award the 2nd place to the player with the highest score. If tied for score, most kills, if tied for kills and score, time alive.

    UPDATE: Mario Kart 8 Tournament

    Posted by Amber on Feb 25, 2016

    The Mario Kart 8 Race will now be 150cc instead of 200cc.

    Mario Kart 8 (150cc) Tournament Info:

    Each bracket will consist of 4 randomly seeded players in a 3-Course Match with AI enabled, with the top 2 of each bracket advancing to the next round. Once we reach Quarterfinals, only the winner will advance to the Semifinals.

    In the Semifinals, the bracket will be 2 players in a 3-Course Match with AI enabled, with the Winner advancing to the Finals. The Finals will be a 1v1 Race between the two finalists with no AI, over 3 Courses.

    AI Difficulty will be set to Medium for all races, and controllers will be available, but racers are welcome to bring & use their own controllers.

    Full tournament details can be found here.

    Winterfest Vendor Room

    Posted by Amber on Feb 24, 2016

    What’s an anime convention without vendors? Full vendor list is now up!
    You can view the list here.

    Winterfest Swag Bags

    Posted by Amber on Feb 24, 2016

    We have some amazing swag bags chock-full of goodies for all our attendees this year, including 100 limited edition bags with bonus swag!

    Make sure to get your Winterfest ticket early so you can be one of the first 100 in line and receive this extra special swag bag!

    Get Your Ticket

    Gym Leader Challenge at Winterfest

    Posted by Amber on Feb 21, 2016

    The Manitoba Pokémon League's Gym Leader Challenge is coming to Winterfest!

    Collect Pokémon badges by battling the Manitoba Pokémon League! Bring any 6th generation game to face the Gym Leaders and win their badges. Once you collect them all, challenge the Champion to win the title of "Winter MPL Champion"!

    Also be sure to check out their Pokémon Safari where you can catch Pokémon plushies in their new mini-game!

    Visit their Facebook page for full tournament details!

    Special Guests The 404s

    Posted by Amber on Feb 20, 2016

    The 404's will be preforming at Winterfest!

    The 404s are a touring group of improv performers based in the Canadian cities of Calgary, Edmonton, and Toronto. With their unique “geekprov” brand of improv comedy, they have been entertaining audiences all around Canada and the United States.

    Incorporating their wit, charm, pop culture knowledge, and a great deal of audience participation, The 404s make sure every show is memorable, interactive, and hilarious.

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